Think Of Us As Message Designers

Some people design buildings. Others design the art, objects and interiors within those buildings. We design the words to describe it all.


Every Building Tells a Story> KNA Design
CONCEPT: It all began when we wrote the web copy for KNA Design, a hospitality design firm with an adventurous client roster. Now when KNA develops their proposals for big-ticket jobs in the US, Asia, and Europe, they rely on our cleverly crafted narratives--referencing everything from 7th century haiku to Hollywood cinema--to deliver conceptual storylines as compelling as the designs themselves.
Location, Location, Location> blü beverly hills
CONCEPT: Where most failed to even distinguish the blü residential property from its commercial surroundings in Beverly Hills, we saw a golden opportunity--to position blü at the nexus of the Southern California lifestyle. In conjunction with Wagner|Junker’s awesome graphic design, we handled all the writing--print ads, posters and marketing brochures…and the property was fully leased within three months.
Glam by Association> Las Vegas Design Center
CONCEPT: In Las Vegas, moxie often trumps history. An ambitious campus in a city still making a name for itself in the world of high design, the Las Vegas Design Center is no exception to this rule. For the LVDC's "History of" advertising concept, we built cred with a playful take on the premise that to be considered among the best, one should first an expert on the best.
A Picture's Worth 8 Words: Boffi / Ducati
CONCEPT: When Boffi LA and Ducati North America teamed up for a single evening event, we created just an eight word headline to brand this historical association of two companies reknowned for their remarkable high-end design: “Two Legends of Italian design. One Legendary Evening.” Built into Distinc Design’s remarkable Italian map visual, the summary body copy is icing on this event invitation’s cake.
Position Critical> Korean Contemporary Art
CONCEPT: Concept: When Art-merge entered the game in 2011 with their first curatorial endeavor, a breathtaking exhibition of Korean Contemporary Art at LeBasse Projects, we put our 10 years worth of fine art expertise to use in positioning them as critical thinkers in the East/West art dialogue. In a smart market like this, the brain trust surrounding a work is often part and parcel to its value.
Pitch Perfect: From MVcvT to the Los Angeles Times "Home Section"
CONCEPT: A properly constructed PR pitch should be seamless, not just spin. When we constructed a story pitch for designer Sean Litrell's MvCvT during the busy holiday season, we knew that editors would be over-worked and under-staffed. So we rolled our client's message into a pitch perfect storyline so seamless it would end-up up garnering nearly verbatim pick-up.