Brent Turner - Principal / Copywriter

Late one evening in 1999, independent recording artist Brent Turner clandestinely wheat-pasted his first gig poster to a streetlight exchange box. By day in that same year, Brent was busy landing client stories in the media as a buttoned-up PR professional.

Now, more than a decade later, Brent is still hooked on exploring constantly evolving channels of publicity, marketing and media. He established the Campbells in 2006 and has since successfully paired many of the world's most-respected cultural institutions with many of nation's most respected media outlets, from the Wall Street Journal to Art Forum magazine. He has developed publicity campaigns, copy and creative for an equally diverse clientele, from Honda Motors to CAAM (California African American Museum).

Don't bother asking him about that very first poster campaign however--he has since conveniently forgotten.